You have paid tribute to my practice, bought my every command, you have subscribed, you have submitted. Yet you crave completion. You crave humiliation. You crave control. You burn with the heat of the Auction. What can you own after you own everything? The contract over the one who owns you.

You will commission a work of art. I will bestow my signature upon your body as title. This signature is a contract. You will determine the terms, but the terms of the work itself are this: I will create you. But in order to be created, you must be sold.

You will arrange to put the work on the secondary market and for a Third-Party Guarantee to ensure its sale. You must appear in person for the duration of the consignment process, as the work itself is not the contract but its terms. Upon sale, I will edition documentation of the works provenance, sale, and ownership, the first edition will be guaranteed to the buyer, the second to the collector.